Web Based Visitor Management System

web based visitor management system

Web Based Visitor Management system by Quality Systems W.L.L QS is a cost effective visitor management system solution popularly adopted by companies to effectively identify, track, and monitor visitor movement coming in and out of their office buildings on a daily basis.

Challenges of Visitor Management
Security Challenges
With these hordes of visitors entering an office building daily, it means that companies are exposed to very real security risks of intrusion by unauthorized personnel, such as Competitors attempting corporate espionage, illegitimate intruders, Vandals and even terrorist. Any Lapses in compliance to an organization visitor Screening procedures and Security protocols can compromise the safety & security of your employees, clients, tenants, and physical and intellectual assets in your organization.

Logistic Challenges
The significant daily visitor foot traffic movement coming in and out of commercial buildings presents a considerable logistical and management challenge for companies and businesses organization every day. As not all visitors are actually authorized or have a valid reason to enter the building, there is a need for a reliable visitor check-in registration management process that is accurate yet quick at distinguishing between a genuine visitor from an ‘unwanted’ visitors.

Types of Visitor Categories
On a daily basis, the incoming traffic of visitors visiting a building can belong to one of the broad categories, namely,

1. 3rd party service provider & Contractors
2. Prospective clients, and customers
3. Existing Employees from an overseas office
4. Contract Staff/temporary employee
5. Office Tenant
6. Visiting Volunteers




Visitree VMS is the secure and professional visitor management system to identify

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