Electronic Visitor Management System

Electronic Visitor Management System (VMS) solutions are gaining wide spread adoption among companies in recent years.
It is essentially a visitor management solution, where the various digital electronic visitor management software modules are integrated together via a web based platform. This enables you to enjoy the advantage of having a seamless visitor check-in registration process that is quick, user-friendly, and secure.
We fully understand the logistical and administrative service challenges that global companies face every day in ensuring an accurate identification of the visitors that pass through the lobby daily. Built with the end user in mind, the electronic visitor management solution module is designed specifically to allow you to meet your visitor management needs, by making the enrolling process of a new visitors in your VMS system as quick and smooth as possible.

Challenges of Tracking and Managing Visitors
Normally on any day-to-day business operation, small businesses, hospitals and organizations  receives a wide array of visitors, ranging from 3rd party suppliers, quality engineering maintenance work contractors, friends and relatives, volunteers, parcel delivery personnel, corporate customers, business associates, overseas office colleagues, employees, delegates, government officers, competitors, and sometimes even completely unidentified people or potential customer who just show up on site at the company location.
This gives rise to the top urgent need for an electronic security visitor management system solution product to help and effectively identify, manage, log, monitor, and track the visitors coming in and out of your business building facilities during every visit on a day to day basis, as you cannot predict with an easy 100 percent certainty where your visitors will go and whether they pose any high-security hazard to your company operations.
With the dynamically changing form of the security landscape in the recent years and the constant threat of unconventional terror attacks on homeland security, organizations have to stay vigilant to constantly recognize possible threats, and adjust to the ever present security risks factors.
Any security vulnerability has to be pro-actively addressed and neutralized with the support from a professional RFID visitor management system solution or a Biometric visitor management system products to prevent any costly monetary losses from any illegal activities, such as leakage and abuse of company propriety asset information record data due to use by competitor, theft of employee user access key card, or even death of employees

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